Optimize Yourself: What Can Brokers Learn from the Institutional Sphere

Visit the panel with Natallia Hunik as a speaker at the Finance Magnates London Summit 2019 on Wednesday, November 13 from 11:30 to 12:00!

Short description:
While retail and institutional markets follow rather different business routes and strategies, they are still both swimming in the same ocean. Learning and grabbing opportunities from the other side could really help improve retail market strategies. Using institutional tactics to further enhance operations in the online FX trading industry is an opportunity that shouldn’t be omitted. Join the experts in this insightful session to gain knowledge from institutional tactic highlights:

What vital institutional elements can you implement to enhance your retail business?

  • TCA is vague in the retail markets yet can be used as an advantage
  • Liquidity Aggregation as a proven tactic in the Institutional sphere
  • Using sophisticated institutional algorithms VS the 90% less effective A/B models
  • Statistical Data Sharing: improving price discovery by sharing anonymous real-time trade data with the market
  • FX Global Code: what can retail FX learn from this well-accepted Institutional model guide?


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Advanced Markets - Natallia Hunik - Panel at the FM London Summit 2019 - Optimize yourself - What can brokers learn from the institutional sphere